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Real Estate Private Money

Rental Properties
Cash Out & Refinance
Fix & Flip
Rental Portfolio
New Construction
Bridge Loan

Business Lending

Unsecured & Secured
Acquisitions Financing
Line of Credit
Term Loan
Equipment Financing
Accounts Receivable Financing
Bridge Loan

Joint Venture Equity

Our relationships with investors
and equity groups allows us access to capital that is not
easily sourced. If you are looking for investors, apply for funding
and let us help find you the right partners for your project.

Probate/Estate Sales

We have over 100 years of combined expertise in every aspect of the Probate and Estate Acquisitions. We have customized programs that assure the most value for all. We facilitate deals that everyone can benefit from in situations like these.


Why Willzor Capital

Willzor Capital is a premier real estate investment company that creates a win-win situation for the seller.

Our Level Up

Once the property is evaluated, a fair offer is submitted to the individual(s) that are selling within 48 hours of the property being viewed.

Your Satisfaction

The majority of the deals are cash transactions, so the lag time is very minimal unlike a lot of investors.


At Willzor Capital we understand the complexities that are involved with the real estate world, at both commercial and residential levels. Our team is well versed with all of the necessary procedures to make your experience with us a winning one. We specialize in the comprehensive requirements that our clients will need, from both a capital and credit perspective. Willzor has a dedicated team of professionals who will consult with you throughout the entire merger and acquisition processes. Apart from specialized consulting services, we also specialize in each individuals documentation procedures.


Willzor has a dedicated team of professionals who will help and consult you throughout the merger and acquisition process. Apart from specialized consultancy services, we also specialize in the documentation procedure that may vary from case to case.

Recent Testimonials

"These guys were fast and have a very painless process in getting these properties out of my life."
John Minor
"Being a single woman, I knew nothing about real estate. But, their team took the time to explain each and every detail of what was going to go on during the transaction. Everything happened the way they said it would."
Kim Nurewick
"My family needed cash fast and they delivered far greater than we thought."
Brian Johnson

Capital Inquiry:

Within 30 minutes you will receive a reply to your email. We look forward to servicing you in any possible way we can.

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